About me


I grew up between Sacramento California and Oberachern Germany. My parents love for travelling and enjoying the finer things in life passed on to me as I grew up and started realizing my perhaps abnormal amount of love towards food, travelling, cooking and rain.

Sacramento is a quiet but colorful town who’s streets are lined with lush trees which hang over the cities Victorian homes that within themselves are a work of art. It is a small enough city to run into friends and familiar faces as you are grocery shopping for shallots and leek. Summer nights are long which welcomes late dinners on the cities sidewalk restaurants. Some of my fondest memories from Sacramento are weekday nights where my parents had no time to cook. We lived downtown on O Street in a sage green craftsman style apartment which was within walking distance of some amazing restaurants. We would walk there around 7:30 p.m. just as the warm summer days were starting to cool down and the breeze would pick up a bit. Sitting on the sidewalk with an Arnold Palmer, pizza and my parents was more perfect than anything. We were happy and life was simple.

I now attend college at The California Institue of the Arts (CalArts) in Valencia California. I am a second year BFA photography and media student, and after this year will transfer to Parsons Paris where I will complete my BFA over the next two years. My dream is to combine my love for captured image and the food seen and later work as a Food styist and lifestyle photographer.

This website is a sample of all my recent projects from CalArts, aswell as my on going work with food and travel.