Food and lifestyle photography

Como Italy

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La Tour d’Argent Paris France- An Experience to remember. 11 courses and a view of Notre Dame at suset.         IMG_3033  lIMG_3034

Taylors kitchen- Sacramento California- Salmon over spring vegetables and pea puree IMG_3091

Grange -Sacramento- Fried Squash blossom filled with warm goat cheese over a bean saladIMG_3035   securedownload-9

Farallon- San fransisco. We dined here on a rainy friday night


Fall and Winters in Sacramento

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Holidays in Sacramento always smell like cherry liquor and butter. Right after the sun has set the sky turns a bright beautiful blue.

Black Forest Germany

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Dinner In Oberachern, my mothers hometown is my favorite. Everything is local or picked fresh from the garden.

Blowfish Sushi to Die for- San Fransisco California

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Dinner Parties in Land Park

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Deep in the Alps the fog rolls in over the mountain tops and the cravings for wurst and brot start to creep in.

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KDW- Berlin

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Ella Dining Room and Bar- Sacramento California

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