They shot our cows

I am the daughter of Inge and Bruce Ring, raised between two places that can’t share the same sun, and creating art to hold on and piece together memories from both. From an altered linguistic string of two languages twisted into one I have grown to appreciate the people and places of the world and try to bring that esthetic beauty and presence to my art. When I am driven to create something it usually occurs when I am somewhere with a low mood. Inspiration from weather or dramatic light creating a new atmosphere for ordinary rooms, spaces and places. Making photographs has become my means of preserving moments and the ability to preserve them as I see them.

This project is an attempt to show the way I see objects and scenes within a home. My grandparent’s home of 57 years. 1955-2012.Stepping into this house at the end of a safe and pleasant lane brings you to a place where time appears to have stood still. It has become an oasis of possessions which could only have been dreamt of during the great depression. A safety net of comfortable, easy and simple living.

Growing up I often visited their home and found myself enamored with their old time objects, which were placed around the rooms like valuable treasures or monuments from a different era.

Through this process I have begun to think more about why the elderly collect and treasure things from the memories of their childhoods. Why has nostalgia become the main attention of their lives now, and how can sentimental objects create such peace and comfort. What does it mean for them to surround themselves with these things and how has it affected me, their granddaughter and why does it seem so important for me to photograph them.

All I hope for is that these images speak to the viewers through memories of their own lives or the lives of their relatives and that an emotional connection can be made.

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